Grants & Funding Programs

The purpose of this site section is to list the range of government / industry grants and funding assistance programs that are of potential value to the Herkimer 9 Foundation initiatives.

The information in this section will provide transparency (within what is legally disclosable) regarding grants & funding programs that are being investigated, have applications submitted, the funding levels being sought, the Foundation programs that would benefit from receiving the funding, and the status of those applications in process.

Grants & Funding Program Listings

Reports and other Information Resources

The following are documents that can be downloaded for review, providing instructional guidance or information on resources available to solicit or apply for grants and other funding sources.

Document: CDFA Brownfield Technical Assistance Program​
Description: The CDFA (Council of Development Financial Agencies) Brownfields Financing Toolkit provides communities with an easy-to-use, best practices resource on brownfields redevelopment. The toolkit approach to development finance brings together the best of these financing concepts and techniques to provide a comprehensive response to capital and resource needs. This guide is intended to provide information to communities interested in identifying potential financing tools for the remediation and redevelopment of contaminated brownfield sites. The following development finance tools are covered in this guide.

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Document: Brownfield Redevelopment Assistance Program
Description: Sponsored by National Grid, the Brownfield Redevelopment Assistance Program provides grants to fund utility related infrastructure improvements, demolition, and other costs that are necessary to progress the redevelopment of a brownfield site or abandoned building.

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