Executive Officers

Scott Flansburg


Scott is known worldwide as ‘The Human Calculator’ and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘fastest human calculator’. He is also a best selling author and host of his own tv show on The History Channel International. Scott’s newest project is ‘The National Counting Bee’ which will be held in Herkimer on April 28, 2021. He is a Herkimer native and also an Air Force Veteran.

Brion Carroll

Vice President

Brion has a lengthy career in business operations and executive positions in companies that focus on bringing value to target markets. As CEO of Life Cycle Solutions, Inc. he was responsible for leading the consulting efforts in a range of companies in aerospace, automotive, high tech, discrete manufacturing. He also served as CEO / President of Aptavis Technologies Corporation, responsible for the development and delivery of software technology (PLM) to the Retail industry, resulting in the acquisition of the company by high-tech giant PTC. Brion has also been activity in the Planning Boards in Hudson, NH, as well as representing Hudson in the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, and the principle author of the Master Plan 2020 as chairman of the Village of Herkimer Planning Board. Brion is a Herkimer native and also an Air Force veteran.


Jim Blasting

Jim Blasting is a professional geologist (licensed in NY, PA and VA) with over 25 years of professional experience in delivering sustainable, cost- effective solutions to meet the environmental management objectives of a diverse client base. He has strategized, designed and implemented projects involving large-scale, multinational mergers and acquisitions; complex redevelopment of environmentally-distressed properties; environmental compliance programs involving federal, state and local regulatory requirements; site investigation and remediation, including negotiation with numerous regulatory agencies, related to a wide array of contaminants on behalf of single companies and large PRP groups; turnkey site redevelopment under various state Brownfield Cleanup programs; and expert support of litigation and cost allocation negotiations. His technical expertise includes hydrogeology, hazardous waste site investigation and remediation, contaminant fate and transport, risk-based corrective action, site restoration, innovative remedial technologies, engineering geology, mining and construction. He and his wife Susan (Ortolani) are Herkimer natives.

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Above are a set of imagery that is contained in the recently published Strategic Redevelopment Plan for North Main Street- Herkimer, NY – authored by Delta Engineers, Architects, & Land Surveyors. The complete document can be downloaded via the link provided below:

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